Pregnancy is a special time in a woman’s life. You feel accomplished creating a new life and every moment of pregnancy is celebrating your new creation. You are now 2 persons in same body! Naturally you like to capture those most memorable moments in beautiful images. Let it be a nice park close to your house or lake shore or a beautiful structure, you love to see your self in beautiful location with the people closest to your life. We have a special focus on this category b’se of our respect for to-be mothers and we really appreciate the trust built during the photoshoot that gets us lifelong clients.

Photoshoot Location

We mostly prefer beautiful parks with lots of flowers, water front and some architectural monuments. However, the park beside your residence is not a bad choice surely. We know how to position you for best images.

Post production

Post production is very important in maternity photo shoot. We love to prepare creative art works in beautiful albums. We also have several printing options available based on your requirements.


Our maternity photo shoot package starts from $ 300 and we can create a customized package based on your requirements.


  • Choose clothes that emphasize your stomach (eg colored tube dresses)
  • Care for your feet before the shoot, maybe we’ll do great barefoot pictures too
  • Style your hair and nails already at home so they look well-groomed
  • Also bring high-heeled shoes, as they make a particularly feminine figure
  • Avoid turtlenecks, large prints and patterns, as they distract you from the picture
  • Bring your favorite accessories, because they make the pictures personally (eg baby shoes, pacifier chain, cuddly toy)
  • Wear no or only a day make-up on the day of the shoot, because we put on make-up on site
  • Avoid too tight clothing before the shoot because it makes unsightly prints (eg socks, underwear).
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