Only just been born and yet it’s their first day at school already: parents and grandparents know how quickly time passes. Our photographers know how to interact with children and capture an amazing smile. We will make your little ones and “soon-to-be big ones” stars for a day in a child-friendly atmosphere.

Before the little ones grow up


You can not look so fast, as the little ones suddenly become the greats. We capture this moment on family photos with your children. In a pleasant atmosphere we make your offspring for a day big stars. Here, together with your children, we try to find out what suits them best and what they like most. Whether portrait photography or crazy ideas, everything is allowed in this shoot.

You should pay attention to that

Of course you are there and take care of your children when it says: light, camera and action! The little ones feel especially comfortable when they have familiar faces around them. It’s best for your offspring to put on the clothes they feel most comfortable with. However, care should be taken not to use large imprints or restless patterns, as these may distract from the face of your child. If several children are photographed, it is nice if the clothes are coordinated. Make your first preparations at home by dressing your children and caring for your fingernails.


Bring life to the photo shoot


To make the photo shoot even more personal and colorful, it is best to bring along toys or accessories such as skateboards, dolls or cuddly toys. This quickly loosens up the atmosphere in the shoot and the little ones have something personal about them. You can choose up to 60 of your favorite pictures, all in a photo studio near you .


  • Children should wear what they feel most comfortable in
  • If several children will be photographed, try to match their clothing a little
  • Please do your little ones’ hair and make-up at home
  • Please make sure that clothing does not have big prints or very irregular patterns because this will make the photo look busy and detract attention from faces
  • Clean and well-tended feet are important because we might take some barefoot photos
  • Feel free to bring your favourite toys or accessories with you (e.g. skateboard, doll or cuddly toy) because they will make the picture even more personal
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