Friends Photography

To understand oneself blindly. Know what the other thinks, even before he pronounces it. That’s close friendship. Sometimes it lasts a lifetime – plenty of time for memorable moments that people like to remember. Still fresher than memories are photos that you can use to watch your shared moments. Whether prominently on the wall of the shared flat, in a classic wallet or as a background on your smartphone – friends who are important to you, you always have with you, even if they are not there. And when your life separates, a look at the pictures helps you to miss your “best buddy” less. To capture your special relationship, Celebre Visual Art has the Friends Photoshoot.



A friend is not enough and you can not decide which one you want to come with? No problem. Just pack the whole group and set off for a friends shoot on one of our visual art near you . In a big round, the mood is quickly resolved and relaxed – ideal for taking natural photos. When fooling around in front of the camera, time passes lightning fast. Together, you can then choose the best from a series of great pictures.


  • Dress in your own individual style so that you feel comfortable
  • Make sure that the items of clothing you wear go together so they look like a coordinated outfit in the picture
  • Bring your favourite accessories with you as they will give your images a personal touch (e.g. sunglasses, scarves)
  • If you use a sunbed, make sure your last visit is at least two days beforehand so that your skin doesn’t look red in the photos
  • Don’t wear turtlenecks, large prints or patterns because these will draw attention away from you in the picture
  • Pay a bit of attention to your feet before the photoshoot as we might take some amazing barefoot photos
  • Style your hair and nails at home so they look good
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