Application Photography

Got an eye on your dream job? Whether for a trade, smart for the office or creative and authentic for your new position at an event agency – our experienced photographers know what application photos should look like in order to convince your new employer of your worth. Good luck!

What should men wear on their application photos?

Men should be careful when choosing clothes, not to use bright colors. A shirt is always a good choice for a job application photo. If it seems a little more serious, can also be used to a jacket or a tie. However, the dress code varies by industry and employer.

Overall, your outer appearance should look neat and tidy: Wash your hair before the shoot and make sure not to use too many hairstyling products. If you’re a beard, you should trim this or get a freshly shaved photo shoot. You can avoid unpleasant stubble like that.

When choosing jewelery, the motto is: “Less is more”. Avoid swanky accessories and wear instead a discreet wristwatch.

What should women wear on their application photos?

Even women should be careful not to select their clothes too greasy. It is recommended to wear a blouse or a smart shirt with a blazer. The neckline should be recognizable at most discreetly. The hair should be neatly tied into a braid or worn open. Make-up should be careful to use sparingly and simply with the products. Put on a subtle day make-up.

With our premium package you get the right business make-up before the photo shoot from us. The jewelry should not be in the foreground of the application image. Choose rather small stud earrings and a simple wristwatch.

We totally advise against sweaters or shirts with turtleneck. And even large towels have an unfavorable effect on application photos.


  • bring along different outfits
  • to avoid shininess, we apply a brush of powder
  • your last visit to a sunbed should be at least two days prior to the shooting
  • only apply a soft make-up for the day
  • remember to bring business-type shoes
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