CELEBRE VISUAL ART - innovative, passionate & experienced

Everything starts with the desire to get a nice photo - a family portrait, a beauty portrait or a professional head shot. At the end there is the perfect photo that conjures a smile and wonderment into the faces of the person photographed and captures a moment of life forever.

People either see themselves as they have never seen each other before, or just as they have always wanted to see each other and see - according to their individual desire.

The way to these stunning photos is almost the best of the whole: at CELEBRE VISUAL ARTS this is a real little experience, a break from everyday life!

What makes us special?

  • Individual, Unique and Professional
  • Take away photos and files at home
  • Professionally trained photographers
  • Great photos at fair prices
  • Top of the line cameras and lighting equipment

What makes our CELEBRE VISUAL ART special?

Photography is a technical art. At CELEBRE VISUAL ARTS, you get advantage of our creative artists having in-depth knowledge about technicalities of photography.


As much it requires a great deal of shooting expertise, it requires investment into top photography and lighting equipment. That’s why we at CELEBRE VISUAL ARTS keep investing $$$s to get top of the line latest equipment.


We are a small husband-wife run studio and everything gets personal attention with us. We pour our heart and soul into everything we do.


We believe in giving a full service to every client that comes to us. Let it be a business portrait or maternity photo shoot, you get absolutely best. The albums we prepare are full with creativity and technology. And yes, we are selective – so we don’t pick anything and everything just to increase business. By working with us, you become a part of what we call a client family.  So we want to make sure our values align.  Get in touch and let’s see if we are a good fit.


We at CELEBRE VISUAL ARTS see photo shoots as a special experience. They are fun and can become unforgettable moments that you like to relate to. We live for our passion and want you to make our photo shoots shine. Not only our special attention to quality and the satisfaction of our customers has made us the market leader, but also our know-how in the field of photo shooting played a major role. Our photo studio is all about one person: you. That’s why we make sure that your make-up fits perfectly, that you are put in the best light and that you only get the pictures that really suit you 100%…!

The Team Behind The Scenes

Passionate & experienced

Gautam Sakhiya
Gautam Sakhiya
Photography artist
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